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Hi, I’m Mike Weston.

I help people and businesses to adapt and thrive in a post-normal world.

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I love running collaborative learning masterclasses - either virtually or in real life. I particularl enjoy engaging with groups to explore subjects like:

+  Navigating Uncertainty

+  Digital Transformation

+  Data Discernment for the Data Illiterate

Let's discuss what you and your team need.


I am a highly experienced mentor. I have the priviledge to work with executives at all levels to challenge and support their decision making. I bring the value of an experienced, curious, indepedent point of view.


Together we can achieve amazing things.

Board & Advisory

I currently sit on five boards - three tech businesses, one advisory board for a consultancy, and one voluntary organisation.

My passion for helping inspire growth and  positive outcomes for all stakeholders means I thrive on helping businesses and their leaders become the best they can be.

Whether it's a long-term engagement or a fast helping hand, let's discuss how we can work together.

I'd love to hear from you.
Here's how you can reach me:
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